CareerLAB working out your career direction - CSM

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23 Oct 2017

10am to 12pm

And then what?
CareerLAB is an exploratory workshop. It is designed to support those wishing to consider their career and work options for now and in the future. 

During the session, you will be guided through a series of prompts and reflective exercises. Here, you will learn how to apply and utilise your distinct knowledge and expertise in the world of work. 

CareerLAB is for individuals wishing to take a step back and conduct a broad survey, within and beyond the creative industries. 

It will cover three main areas. Understanding where you are now, (roughly) identifying where you want to be in the future, and, how to plan to take relevant steps in that direction. 

Upon completing you will:

- Be able to identify your personal values and motivations surronding work/life
- Learn how to articulate and apply your many skills, attributes, and relevant experience/s
- Have a clearer idea about how to research the range of career options available to you. 
- Gain clarity about how to approach new opportunities
- Have a sense of how to support your different ambitions and 'work' in many contexts

There will be plenty of time for questions - further support and resources will be signposted throughout.

The session will be led and facilitated by CSM's dedicated Employability Practitioner and is organised by the Careers and Employability team. 

This event is open to ALL students and graduates from ALL UAL colleges.

CareerLAB is part of a series of free workshops offered at CSM on Monday the 23rd, look out of CV's and Job Hunting as well as Interview Skills.