Futuro House Tour with Craig Barnes

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04 Jan - 07 Jul 2017

The Futuro House is open to the public on the first Wednesday of every month.
During your visit London-based artist and CSM alumnus Craig Barnes will share the remarkable backstory of how he first came across the Futuro House, its history, journey back to the UK and how he returned it to its former glory.
4 January 2017
6pm | 7.30pm

1 February 2017
6pm | 7.30pm

1 March 2017
6pm | 7.30pm ​​

5 April 2017
6pm | 7.30pm ​​​

3 May 2017
6pm | 7.30pm ​​​

7 June 2017
6pm | 7.30pm ​​​

5 July 2017
6pm | 7.30pm ​​​

Tickets for this event are £5 and can be booked through the Platform Theatre website. CSM Students, there will be free events taking place later on in the year. 
Please note that children under the age of 16 will not be allowed into the Futuro House. 
More information on this extraordinary piece of design can found here: futuro-house-csm.arts.ac.uk
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