Festival: Curious? Futures

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23 Jul 2016

10am to 6pm

As part of this year's Curious? Festival, Central Saint Martins will be presenting two installations in The Crossing: "Exploring Infinity (A Map to Quantum Physics)" and "Virtual_Needs Reality".
Exploring Infinity (A Map to Quantum Physics)
Presented by Central Saint Martins
Pioneering research in quantum physics is presented in a different light in this immersive, interactive installation.
Throughout the summer students from MA Art and Science have been collaborating with mathematician and physicist, Dr Timothy J Walton, to create an exhibition that allows you to navigate the complexity of quantum physics. Five students have been grappling with infinity and have created unique interactive artworks that offer visitors a journey - following the Golden Spiral of the Fibonacci Sequence - into the heart of quantum physics.
Virtual_Needs Reality
Try your hand at coding, see the work of young people on virtual reality sets and understand the process of creating software in this interactive exhibition.
Inspired by the Rap Research Lab in Brooklyn, NY, students from our BA Performance Design and Practice course and Camberwell’s MA Fine Art Digital, have created a project that allows young people to quickly and easily design their own virtual environments. Having collaborated with hip hop director and choreographer, Ivan Blackstock, the students have created a 360 degree micro movie, shot in a green screen room. People of all ages can visit their installation at Curious? and design and make their own backgrounds for the scene.
As part of this project we have teamed up with Code Club (Raspberry Pi Foundation) to create a gateway into digital technologies via hip hop and offer children a chance to enter a coding competition to vin a VR headset. Using MIT's free Scratch programme, school children from all over the country can code their own hip hop soundtrack to our VR movie.
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