Imperfect Reverse Symposium

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03 Nov 2016

6pm to 8.30pm

This symposium brings together artists from 1960s and 70s who used a generative grammar and structural logic, and a number of younger artists working with this approach today. The symposium aims to discuss how technical virtuosity combines with individual systematic operation. The discussion will be widened further, through an historical and contemporary analysis, and recognition of underlying devices and relationships. Organised in collaboration with Saturation Point.
Speakers include:
Laurence Noga (Chair) Curator of Imperfect Reverse, Artist
Natalie Dower, Artist 
Emma Hill, Eagle Gallery 
Colin Cina, Artist 
Estelle Thompson, Artist 
Amie Conway, Flowers Gallery 
Ian Monroe, Artist 
Katrina Blannin, Artist 

Image above: Ian Monroe, Glyph Graph, 2015. Dibond and Perspex, 42 x 96 x 42 cm. Image courtesy of Horatio Junior