NOVEMBER: radical reThink symposium


25 Nov 2016

10am to 3.30pm

radical reThink  is a collaborative model for fine art practice, research, and transformative pedagogy. We are a group of students and faculty across the colleges of University Arts London.
NOVEMBER brings together students, educators, and researchers towards sharing our concerns as relates to the institution. It leads to a symposium at ICA London at the beginning of 2017. Both events will be of interest to art students, educators, and all who value community, building solidarities and enacting resilient alternatives to market-based models of education.
10.10 - 10.15Welcome! Georgia Brown
10.15 - 11.00Dean Kenning : What and who is a fine art education for?
11.00 - 12.00A conversation about diversity, led by students from BA (Hons) Drawing at Camberwell College of Arts, with Kelly Chorpening, (Course Leader) and Ikra Arshad, Portia Baker, Rhian Spencer-Noronha and Dionne Ward.
12:00 - 14.00 Student presentations from BA Fine Art, Art and Social Practice, Camberwell College, and USE: Useful Social Engagement, Chelsea College
 Bethany Butler, James Cartwright, Martha Gray, Yasmin Morjaria Jessica Stiles, and Anna Theodosopoulou: Soup for lunch
 Maisy Alvin, Jess Girsuch, and Ruth Hallgarten: Who made your clothes
 Kez Dearmer and Rika Nakashima : Maquettes from USE: Useful Social Engagement including The World History School 
 Sara Eskildson and Antonia  Giggleberger : A short debate on the perception of the sex industry
 Alex Aitken, Scott Kibblewhite, and Ollie Onley: On data collection/presentation
 Julia Creuheras Marti, Cecilia Dumont, Alan Hall, Anne Lumumba, and Josh Morgan : Surveillance and data collection
 Cindy Alviz, Daisy Chan, and Shante Rhia Simpson :  Representations of ethnicity and struggles with identity
14.00 - 15.00Ana Oppenheim : Thank you for coming
No booking is necessary for the NOVEMBER symposium on 25 November. 
radical reThink  at the ICA, on January 14th 2017, offers a critical and creative response, grounded in practice, that draws on the inspirational activism of local and international practitioners. Including contributors developing new decision-making models, from ReThink UvA, (a response to the proposed restructuring of University of Amsterdam in 2015), to UAL’s successful fossil fuel divestment campaign.
radical reThink is SE Barnet, Marsha Bradfield, Georgia Brown, David Cross, Kelly Chorpening, Kyran Joughin and Ana Oppenheim, we look forward to being more in the future