Sound :: Gender :: Feminism :: Activism 2016 - White Noise

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11 Nov - 12 Nov 2016

10am to 6pm

Friday 11 - Saturday 12 November

Tickets: £25/£10 including a special publication celebrating Sound::Gender::Feminism::Activism and lunch (Leon Lewis gourmet vegetarian catering) on both days.

There is also a limited number of one-day tickets available for £15 and £7.

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At this two-day conference presented by Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice (CRiSAP), we will seek to listen together to the complex interplay between the auditory and social protocols of white noise. Working out from white noise's original sonic conception of a random frequency, broad-based signal that seemingly masks everything else, white noise is, increasingly, all around us.

As Jennifer Stoever-Ackerman explains, white noise has become a “sonic protocol,” a socio-cultural norm transmitted as an often sub-audible yet ubiquitous frequency, establishing and maintaining perceptual limits of what and who can be heard.
As in previous years, SGFA::2016  will feature a mixture of live performance, audio and video work and scholarly papers from presenters including Annie Goh, Anuka Ramischwili-Schafer; Barby Asante and Side Room; Dan Scott; Gabriella Beckhurst; Gilles Aubry; INVASORIX; Marika Pratley; Miriam Schinkler; Natasha Lall; Nicola Woodham; Paul Tourle; Poulomi Desai; Rebecca Bruton; Rommi Smith; Seda Ergül and Tuna Erdem (Istanbul Queer Art Collective); Shanti Suki and Syma Tariq.
Keynote presenters will be curator and art historian Christine Eyene and Kingston University chair of sociology and gender, Professor Vron Ware.

Prices: £25 full price, £10 concession (students and non-waged)
There is also a limited number of one-day tickets available for £15 and £7.

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Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice (CRiSAP) is a University of the Arts London research centre, based at London College of Communication. Dedicated to the exploration of the rich complexities of sound as an artistic practice, the centre's aim is to extend the development of the emerging disciplinary field of sound arts and to encourage the broadening and deepening of the discursive context in which sound arts is practised.