Imperfect Reverse

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18 Oct - 18 Nov 2016

Private View: 27 October 2016, 5pm - 8pm (all welcome)
Symposium: 3 November 2016, 6pm - 8.30pm (all welcome)

Exhibition Runs: 18 October – 18 November 2016 (open to members of the public by appointment). 

Artists include: Dominic Beattie, Andrew Bick, Katrina Blannin, Jane Bustin, Richard Caldicott, Simon Callery, Colin Cina, Nathan Cohen, Chris Daniels, Natalie Dower, Tim Ellis, Julia Farrer, Sue Kennington, Sharon Hall, Andrew Harrison, Hanz Hancock, Michael Kidner, Sylvia Lerin, Patrick Morrissey, Marta Marce, Ian Monroe, Laurence Noga, David Oates, Andrew Parkinson, Jonathan Parsons, Charley Peters, Carol Robertson, Wendy Smith, Daniel Sturgis, Trevor Sutton, Kate Terry, Estelle Thompson, Finbar Ward
Camberwell Space Projects presents Imperfect Reverse, a group exhibition curated by Laurence Noga, in collaboration with Saturation Point, an editorial and curatorial project for reductive, geometric and systems artists working in the UK.  The term ‘imperfect reverse’ intimates a move towards a structural logic, generative grammar, allowing an outside system or set of rules to drive the making of a series of works.
Bringing together the work of artists from the 1960s and 70s Systems Group, to younger artists working today, this exhibition surveys a wide range of approaches to the notion of an imperfect reverse.
This exhibition questions that transformation through a coercion that is both temporal and aspectual. Examining an operational shift in working process towards a synthesis of experience.
The nature of imperfection is highly absorbing perhaps acting like a filtering function. Those imperfections seen within a work of art that has a precise, complete, and consistent knowledge within a predefined system, allow a shift in the interpretation. Restrictions and their connotations are revealing because that formality opens up the possibility of a parallel line of enquiry, towards a reverse, or imperfect process driven by imperfect knowledge.

Imperfect Reverse will tour to the Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, 24 November 2016 – 21 January 2017

Image credit:  Natalie Dower, Three Triangles Series 2, 2016, oil on canvas, Courtesy Eagle Gallery / EMH Arts, London.