Fashion Media and Imagery Hub presents Round Table on Fashion and Feminism

Fashion and Feminism Girls Club

27 May 2015

5.30pm to 7.30pm

Fashion Media and Imagery Research Hub Presents: Round Table on Fashion and Feminism Political or quasi-political? A huge debate followed Karl Lagerfeld’s presentation of Chanel’s fashion show as a fictional feminist demonstration in the autumn of 2014. Is the recent emphasis on feminism in popular culture trivializing important gender issues or drawing much needed attention to them?
In the last one hundred years, feminism has appeared in four ‘waves’ with distinct political agendas. How have these agendas influenced the rapport between the feminist and the fashionable?
How do the new modernist studies, which perceive modernism as a much larger range of cultural forms, allow for fashion and femininity to become academic topics, and recognize women as agents of the modern? 
What is the impact of the social media on the relationship between feminism and fashion? 
How does new, gender-sensitive zine, GIRLS / CLUB, founded and designed by a group of young women, approach the old and new dilemmas concerning women and femininity?  
There seem to be many questions in the historically burdened relationship between feminism and fashion. If you would like to take part in discussing these and other issues, feel free to join us.  
Refreshments will be provided.

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Image credit: GIRLS / CLUB zine