ACTS RE-ACTS 2: Space and Place

Douglas O'Connell, NY3, Installation View, ACTS RE-ACTS 2014

23 Apr - 20 May 2015

5pm to 8pm

Space and Place

Festival Dates: 23 April - 20 May 2015
Performances & Events: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 2 - 5pm

Opening Event: Wednesday 29 April 5 - 8pm
Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Practitioner in Residence, will be facilitating an event with MA Digital Theatre students in the Theatre,
and Douglas O'Connell will present an interactive installation in the Gallery.

Contributors: Esther Armstrong  Eleanor Bowen  Brave New Worlds  Michael Hurley & Alison Currie  Richard Layzell  Douglas O'Connell  Trish Scott  Seven Sisters Group  Suzy Round  Paul Tarrago  Patrick Ward

Curated by the Acts Re-Acts Creative Team: Simon Betts, Jane Collins, Lois Rowe, Peter Farley

How is the 'liveliness' of space experienced in performance? How does performance re-conceptualise and structure space? How is space represented?

A festival of performance investigating how re-thinking space creates new relational possibilities between performer and audience; including residencies, artist talks, seminars, films and installations from across theatre and fine art.

Performances and residency outcomes will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the festival.

Performance/Events Timetable:
PLEASE NOTE: Performance times are approximate and subject to change. NO BOOKING REQUIRED. ALL WELCOME.
Time:1.30 – 5.30pm
Event & Artist: Seven Sisters Group/Sophie Jump
Duration: 4 hours
Description:  Led by World Stage Design 2013 Gold Award winner Sophie Jump and Artistic Director of Seven Sisters Group, Susanne Thomas this workshop is for up to 12 participants with an interest in site-specific work and open to those with an interest in dance, theatre, design, architecture, sound, light, or art. Participants will be encouraged to create site-specific performance and/or installation in various locations around Wimbledon College of Art in response to spatial, social and cultural issues.
Venue: Various locations around WCA
Time: 2–8pm
Event & Artist: Douglas O’Connell
Duration: 2-8pm
Description: 6 Degrees
An interactive installation visualizing the mode of interaction we have through social networking, the uses of mobile technology in every day, and to parallel the activity of navigation. Six characters (one being an audience member) will simultaneously interact through a fictional urban landscape.
Venue (Theatre/Gallery): Gallery
Time: 5-8pm
Event & Artist: Marvin Gaye Chetwynd facilitates an event in the Theatre with MA Digital Theatre students
Duration: 5-8pm
Description: Info to follow
Venue (Theatre/Gallery): Theatre
Time: 2pm                           
Event & Artist: Sophie Jump (Seven Sisters Group)
Duration: tbc
Description: Sophie Jump presents the outcome of a four day residency to take place between 29th April-2nd May 2015. The residency will be a celebration of the Seven Sisters Group’s ‘coming of age’ and a look at how their ‘back catalogue’ could reflect their preoccupations as a company.
Venue (Theatre/Gallery): Gallery
Time: 2pm               
Event & Artist: Esther Armstrong
Duration: 20 min (film), 45 mins (lecture)
Description: Short film: The Nomadic Hamlet (20 mins approx.)
This will be accompanied by a performative lecture (dur. 45 mins) entitled: From place to space, or large Hamletian leaps from Skallerund to Schrodinger’s Hamlet.
Venue (Theatre/Gallery): Gallery
Time: 3.30pm         
Event & Artist: Paul Tarrago
Duration: 11 mins
Description: Kodachrome 40,50,60… go (11mins, 2014)
Kodachrome 40,50,60… go is a Super 8 and tape-slide performance piece, mixing in a big edit of home movies (found + personal) plus a cache of 35mm slides from far afield. This grab bag of pastness is stitched together into a two-screen, live voiced performance piece eschewing all but analogue technologies.
Venue (Theatre/Gallery): Gallery
Time: 4pm
Event & Artist: Patrick Ward
Duration: 20 mins
Description: The Year Above (2013-2015)
Patrick Ward's The Year Above (2013-2015) is a series of films that explore the relation between technical media, visual language and forms of subjectivity.
ACTS RE-ACTS Ward presents Part 1 (2014) and Part 2 (2013) as a performance that combines projected image with live sound. 
Venue (Theatre/Gallery): Gallery
TUESDAY 12 MAY: SPECIAL EVENT. CLAIRE BISHOP in Conversation with Lois Rowe

Time: 4.30pm (tbc)
Event: Claire Bishop in coversation with Lois Rowe 
Description: Claire Bishop, art historian, critic and author of Artificial Hells talks to Lois Rowe, Programme Director for Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Arts (WCA), with an introduction by Jane Collins, Professor of Theatre and Performance, WCA.
Venue: Theatre, Wimbledon College of Arts
Booking: Free. Booking essential. Please reserve a place via the event booking page
Time: 2pm
Event & Artist: Brave New Worlds (Kate Lane)
Duration: tbc
Description: For the residency Brave New Worlds will expand on their current research looking at the female body and the space it occupies in our contemporary visual culture.
BRAVE NEW WORLDS are a performance collective and design-led company based in the UK and Lithuania.     
Venue (Theatre/Gallery): Gallery
Time: 3pm
Event & Artist: Eleanor Bowen
Duration: 20 mins
Description: This is That Has Been
Bowen presents a performed text with projected images, taking the form of a 20-minute slide lecture.
Venue (Theatre/Gallery): Gallery
Time: 3.45pm
Event & Artist: Richard Layzell
Description: WP (willow pattern)
Layzell presents WP (willow pattern), a work that challenges historical European views of Chinese culture, using video documentation of actions and performance/action.
Duration: Tbc                
Venue (Theatre/Gallery): Gallery
Time: 5–8pm          
Event & Artist: Michael Hurley & Alison Currie
Duration: 3 hrs
Description: Collaborating with Australian choreographer Alison Currie, a Research Masters student at Roehampton University, Hurley will combine mechanism and dance to create a human driven machine that the audience can manipulate to simultaneously produce drawings and dance performance.
Duration: 3 hours
Venue (Theatre/Gallery): Gallery
Time: 2pm
Event & Artist: Suzy Round
Duration: Tbc
Description: Round proposes to construct a large-scale fabric piece, based on the monumental concrete struts that form the internal supporting spine of Crystal Palace Sports Centre. By making these pieces in fabric both their structural function and role in the monumentality of the building are inverted, as they become floppy, playful objects.
Venue (Theatre/Gallery): Gallery

Time: 2.30pm                     
Event & Artist: Trish Scott
Duration: 1 hr approx
Description: A Spontaneous Document Re-re-visited, 2015
Scott and co. present a 2nd re-enactment of (A) SPONTANEOUS DOCUMENT (REVISITED), an improvised performance re-enacting the re-enactment at Acts Re-Acts 2014, of a workshop carried out exactly 2 years ago which explored the documentary potential of live performance, the performativity within documentation and the space in-between. Original workshop participants re-convene with Acts Re-Acts 2014 audience members to remember and re-create events from the previous years to address the question of whether performance itself can be a document.
Venue (Theatre/Gallery): Gallery

Image: Douglas O'Connell, NY3, Installation View from ACTS RE-ACTS 2014.