Performance Research Hub:Re-imagining Manufacturing as Digital Craft for Performance

Image from Recounted as agreed with speaker Ben-Alun Jones.

23 Mar 2015

3.30pm to 5.30pm

Please join us for presentations by Ilaria Martello, costume expert from the Royal Opera House and Ben-Alun Jones, creative director of Knyttan, on the relationship between digital technology and performance, with a focus on the craft of costume.  
The session will be chaired by Lynne Murray, the Director of Fashion Digital Studio.

Panel members:

Costume supervisor Ilaria Martello has worked for the Royal Opera House and the Royal Ballet since 2004, collaborating with a wide range of designers including Nicky Gillibrand and Gareth Pugh. Recent projects include Alice in Wonderland, which, while appearing a traditionally crafted ballet, involved both analogue and digital processes in its realisation. Herself a costume designer whose credits include commissions for ROH and The Place, Ilaria also writes and presents on costume, recently for World Stage Design, as part of the Costume in Action programme. 

Creative director of Knyttan, Ben Alun-Jones, focuses on how digital technologies can involve and engage the customer in the process of designing and making clothes using industrial methods. Previously a creative technologist for Google, he has also developed defence technologies for the QinetiQ and created musical instruments for A graduate of the RCA, Ben has worked across many fields in science, engineering and art and was nominated as one of the 25 emerging visual artists by the Rolex Foundation in 2013. Ben’s work has been exhibited in California, Milan and London. 

Director of Fashion Digital Studio, Lynne Murray is a passionate advocate for disruptive design thinking with proven experience in identifying emerging technologies and their commercial potential within the fashion-tech space.  The co-founder of Holition, her experience includes successfully bringing to market luxury Augmented Reality experiences.  Starting her career in the jewellery industry, Lynne has been crafting with digital technologies since 2004, working to create the digitized 'found object'.

More information: Image from Recounted as agreed with speaker Ben-Alun Jones.