The good the bad and the beautiful - innovative graffiti management for future European cities, with Graffolution

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15 Dec 2015

9am to 7pm

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> Can graffiti be managed smarter in Europe?
> How could we best share knowledge and equip communities to design more community-aware and resource-efficient approaches that are really 'fit for purpose' and context? 
> How might responses and actions related to graffiti and graffiti vandalism help to better promote the ‘pro-social’ as well mitigate ‘anti-social’?
> How will we know which communities are actually affected by a particular instance of graffiti and which are best served by strident crime prevention approaches to managing graffiti and street art?
Hosted by the Design Against Crime Research Centre (DACRC) at UAL, in collaboration with SYNYO (Vienna), Sine (Munich) and Eticas (Barcelona), ‘The Good the Bad and the Beautiful’ event looks to move forward some of these questions and invites you to trial the new European Graffolution platform and experience our experimental Human Graffiti Library event.
Latest Programme
09:00             Coffee and registration

09:30             Welcome & introduction  – UAL  & SYNYO
09:45             Keynote - Cameron McAuliffe (
Western Sydney University)
                       New Geographies of Graffiti Management, with open discussion
                      chaired by Lorraine Gamman
 and Pedro Soares Neves.
10:30             What is Graffolution – A new platform takes off in Europe - SYNYO
10:50             What Graffolution research learnt from:
                      - Interviews and new knowledge about graffiti in Europe - Sine
                      - Graffiti, agonism and design - case studies and persona mapping - UAL.                                                                                                
Open discussion chaired by Eticas.

11:30             Break

11:45             Workshop 1 - Trialing the platform – hosted by SYNYO, Sine, Eticas and UAL

                      Followed by feedback from workshop groups
, chaired by the Graffolution team.
13:15             Lunch

14:00             Workshop 2 - Graffiti Human Library with over twenty living 'books' potential
                      end-users and Graffolution expert-advisors - hosted by Lorraine Gamman and team.
Open feedback session from Graffiti Human Library  
16:15            What next for
Graffolution and you?  - introduction by Eticas to feedback on Graffolution policy briefs and by Synyo on forthcoming developments of the Graffolution project and how you can be involved.
17.00            Thanks and close –  SYNYO & UAL
                     Evening Keynote sessions - open to the public (free with registration)

If you are only attending the evening keynote sessions please follow this link to book your place.
Cameron McAuliffe (Western Sydney University). Regimes of value and
                       graffiti: celebrating diversity or enforcing difference?

18:00              Pedro Soares Neves (Urban Creativity & Fellow of Management and
                       Technology at Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa).
                       UPark, Street Art & Urban Creativity
18:30               Open discussion and responses to the day
19:00               Drinks reception


This p
roject is co-funded by the European Commission within the FP7 Programme.