Festival of Applied Imagination - Day 2

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10 Dec 2015

Through the application of our imaginations, human beings have always tried to effect change, whether it is entrepreneurial, environmental, political, scientific or spiritual.

Join students and change-makers from different sectors as they come together to demonstrate how they are working to effect change in their world. Through a series of workshops, performances and debates, the festival will explore the different ways we change our world, whether it is by asking better questions of ourselves and those in power, acquiring new skills or pioneering a new approach.

If you could take one action to transform your world, what would it be? Find out more about the Festival of Applied Imagination.


12.30pm HarperCollins Creative Symposium

Ralph Barker, an alumnus of MA Applied Imagination, chairs this panel debate with authors from world- renowned publishing house, HarperCollins. The debate will centre on the creative process across arts and literature, including the debate around the book as an object of art.

2pm Macondo Theatre Workshop

Silvia Mercuriali’s Macondo theatre workshop invites audiences to forget about the distinction between performer and audience, and actors and non-actors. Be ready to join in, and to re-examine your assumptions about yourself as a performer and/or spectator.

3pm Seana Wilson: Bodycasting continued…

Following on from the previous day, performance artist and student of MA Applied Imagination, Seana Wilson, will continue with Bodycasting. 

3pm Philip Levine: Skull Art

Philip Levine has been using his head as a canvas for creativity since 2006, when he first began to go bald. Philip delivers a social message through his interventions and has inspired many men, women and children to channel their problems in a positive way through creative expression.

4pm The Obstacle Race

Join in the Obstacle Race, a provocative game devised and hosted by students of MA Criticism, Culture and Curation as a play upon the idea of what curating is and involves. 

4pm Food Black Box

Akanksha Bonsra, an MA Applied Imagination student and the creator of the Food Black Box project invites audiences to take part in this experiment to re-establish your connection with food. This is an interactive workshop for all the senses!

6pm Unpacking the Butterfly

A caterpillar needs to die and be consumed before a butterfly can grow in its place: we cannot change the world without transforming ourselves. Join Richard Reynolds, Course Leader of MA Applied Imagination, in a debate with students, alumni and practitioners, about the meaning of transformative personal change – in education, and in professional practice. Guests include screenwriter and film director Sasha Damjanovski, Hollywood film producer Gary Kurtz and interdisciplinary designer, Professor Dale Russell from Royal College of Art.

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7pm Festival Party

Join students and guest speakers for the closing party.

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