Gustav Metzger: Remember Nature Project

Photo of Gustave Metzger

04 Nov - 05 Nov 2015

10am to 6pm

Remember Nature Performance
4 November 2015

Fine Art students from Central Saint Martins are to participate in a live-streaming event with Gustav Metzger for his Remember Nature Project,  a worldwide call for a day of action. This appeal is for the widest possible participation from the world of the arts, addressing global issues such as extinction, climate change and environmental pollution

Remember Nature Exhibition
5 November 2015, 10.00 – 17.00, open to the public  
Taking place in The Street, the Remember Nature performance will be followed by an exhibition curated by Alex Schady, Art Programme Director, Central Saint Martins in collaboration with Gustav Metzger and supported by the Serpentine Gallery London, showcasing work made in response to Metzger's call to action by students from across our Art Programme .
Born in 1926, Gustav Metzger, who is best known for his concept of auto-destructive art, considers the work of art as a form of political consciousness-raising. He has also previously addressed the troubles in Northern Ireland, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, terrorist bombings and global warming.

“The art, architecture and design world needs to take a stand against the ongoing erasure of species – even where there is little chance of ultimate success. It is our privilege and our duty to be at the forefront of the struggle. There is no choice but to follow the path of ethics into aesthetics. We live in societies suffocating in waste.
Our task is to remind people of the richness and complexity in nature; to protect nature as far as we can and by doing so art will enter new territories that are inherently creative, that are primarily for the good of the universe”.