Voice for Change

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12 Jan - 29 Mar 2015

Voice for Change is an exhibition by UAL's students and graduates that looks at locations, identities and practices that speak for nature and humanity within fashion. 

"Climate change changes everything, yet outmoded perspectives pervade many of fashion’s artistic and business practices.
This exhibition marks new paths being made through listening well and looking deeply into fashion’s role in holding up a mirror to mark our times and to contribute to change.
These voices and actions are part of a quiet revolution, taking place through UAL student and alumni work. We have gathered here a range of these ideas to form a cycle of thinking that connects us to the earth, ourselves and each other through fashion’s relationships and artefacts, its meaning and its matter."

Dilys Williams, Professor of Fashion Design for Sustainability

Anja Crabb | Gareth Mitchell | Majestic Disorder | Kelley Mullarkey | Mariana Gomes de Negreiros | Ode to A. | Sabrina Kraus López | Rachel Clowes | Ruiyin Lin | EcoME | Susie Wareham |The Deep Ecology Design Club | Jessica Ball | Tara Baoth Mooney | Zoe Grace Fletcher | Zuzana Gombosova

Exhibiton curated by Dily Williams and Camilla Palestra, Centre for Sustainable Fashion 

The Showroom is open to the public and free to visit with no booking required. For more information and opening times please visit the Showroom web page.