A Day’s Silence: Armistice Day Event

Photographs of veterans

11 Nov 2014

10.45am to 3.30pm

Artists Janet Hodgson and Peter Fillingham in partnership with The London Taxi Benevolent Association for the War Disabled bring together a group of World War II Veterans for an event encapsulating and debating issues of memorial within contemporary society.
Commemorated every year on 11 November, Armistice Day marks the signing of the agreement between Germany and the Allied Powers of Britain, France and the United States to cease fighting and end the First World War. This event has become all the more poignant in this centenary year. Evolving over the last century and evocative in the context of our current global climate, Armistice Day has become a memorial for all those affected by warfare.
A fleet of Black London Taxis will bring veterans to the Parade Ground at Chelsea College of Arts to observe a two-minute silence at 11am in remembrance of all those killed in conflict. This meditative event will be followed by an informal and performative social gathering including singing veterans and a pub pianist. A discussion addressing issues of contemporary memorial, monuments and art will be convened by Peter Fillingham and Janet Hodgson to close the day’s events.

10:45 – 11.00: A formation of London taxis and veterans on the Parade Ground  
11:00 – 11:02: A two minute silence
11:15 – 13:00: Social event with singing veterans and a pub pianist
14:00 – 15:30: Discussion led by artists Peter Fillingham & Janet Hodgson

This event is supported by The London Taxi Benevolent Association for the War Disabled and Chelsea Arts Club. For more information please contact the CHELSEA space office at info@chelseaspace.org or tel: 02075146983

Veterans singing at the Coach and Horses pub, Soho, 4th October 2014