Mi Pattern Laboratory and Exhibition

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01 Nov - 07 Nov 2014

Mi Pattern is a weeklong celebration and investigation into the fantastic world of pattern under the microscope organised by Rob Kesseler, UAL Chair of Arts, Design & Science.

The Lethaby Gallery in Central Saint Martins will become a working laboratory where a collection of microscopes will be available to explore a world too small to be seen with the naked eye. The materials we use every day reveal complex textures and patterns when magnified from 20 – 2000x. Visitors to the gallery will be able to create a new landscape of pattern and in a shift from the micro to macro. The images created will be printed out on a large format printer to provide material to create a series of pattern books, repositories of micro samples as an archive of the event. Visitors will be welcome bring in their own materials to examine throughout the week.

Opening Times

Entrance is free
10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday
Closed on Sunday 3 November

RSVP link for the launch party Friday 31 Oct 2014, 18:00 to 20:00
- Dress code PATTERNED optional!

Pattern Talks

Throughout the exhibition there will be a series of lunchtime gallery talks where artists, designers and scientists share their pattern passions. Guest speakers include: Science writer Philip Ball; Artist Charlotte Hodes;  DigiLab Fellow Amanda Windle; Typographer Catherine Dixon; and Microscopy technologist Graeme Gibbons.

Talks are free and no booking is required.

Monday 3 November
1pm | Amanda Windle, DigiLab Fellow|Data Patterns, Catherine Dixon, Typographer | Typographic Ornament

Tuesday 4 November
1pm | Graeme Gibbons, Lambda Photometrics | Electron Microscopes

Wednesday 5 November
1pm | Philip Ball, Science Writer | Genetic Patterning

Thursday 6 November
1pm | Charlotte Hodes, Artist |Cultural Patterning

Visit the mipattern tumblr to check out what is going on during the event and see some of the results as they are uploaded.

View a gallery of the work on the New Scientist website.

The event has been generously supported by the Royal Microscopical Society, Lambda Photometrics and The School of Medicine, Nottingham University.

Twitter: #mipattern

UAL Chairs

The University of the Arts London have recently appointed 12 Cross-University Chairs in a major investment in students’ academic experience.  The new Chairs bring leading experts with a wide range of creative focuses to the University, including black art and design, arts, design and science, and art in the environment. Read more on the cross-university Chairs project.

Event contact: Laura McNamara l.mcnamara@csm.arts.ac.uk