Headstone to Hard Drive, Monument to Folly 1

Soane’s Bank of England as a Ruin, Joseph Gandy 1830

25 Oct 2014

9.30am to 5pm

'Headstone to Hard Drive, Monument to Folly 1' is the first of three symposia addressing the issues of exteriorisation, technique and technology as they affect, inform and construct the 'visual' arts. Taking its cue from André Leroi-Gourhan’s theory of exteriorisation, the event will consider the agency of technology and media as a co-author of content, a fact that imbues media with an inherent semiotic and physiologic power and relevance.

The aim is to consider the consequences and effects for critical and artistic practices of the ”liberation of memory” performed by technical prosthesis, a “liberation” about which Leroi-Gourhan and others have written extensively.
This first event, drawing from staff at Central Saint Martins, includes presentations by Karl Baker, Mick Finch, Louisa Minkin, Daniel Rubinstein, Martin Westwood, Judy Willcocks and Elizabeth Wright, covering a range of diverse topics: the performative character of the Derridean supplement; Aby Warburg’s ‘Mnemosyne Atlas’; digital epistemology; anti- photography and non-representation; monuments, spolia and conserved ruins/follies; archival practice – cultural translation and digital democracy; chaîne opératoire and the copy. There will also be a new video presentation by Clunie Reid made specifically for the event.

Tickets are free and available from the Eventbrite page.