Rethinking Surgery

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23 Oct 2014

11am to 4pm

Rethinking Surgery – an opportunity for designers and artists to interact with surgeons during a simulated operation performance.

The operating theatre is a place that (hopefully) we seldom experience with our eyes open – unless we happen to be a doctor. It is a complex arena where teamwork, technology and environment are harnessed for the well-being of the patient. But could it be changed or improved?  Could we, as a community of designers and artists with a unique perspective on life, provide a different perspectives and benefits to the practices of surgery.
On the 23 October Professor Rob Kesseler, Chair of Arts, Design & Science is hosting an interactive performance event in collaboration with Roger Kneebone Professor of Surgical Education in the Department of Surgery & Cancer at Imperial College London, at which a pop up operating theatre will be set up in the Street to demonstrate simulated operations using different methods of surgery.
This event is open to all students and staff as an audience and following the simulated operation there will be an opportunity to discus with members of the surgical team how your unique expertise could contribute to enhancing the experience and conditions of surgery.
For more information about the work of Roger Kneebone including his recent session with Ceramic Design students at CSM visit

Chair Background
The University of the Arts London have newly appointed 12 Cross-University Chairs  in a major investment in students’ academic experience.  The new Chairs bring leading experts with a wide range of creative focuses to the University, including black art and design, arts, design and science, and art in the environment. 

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