Hack the Frack

Hack the Frack

07 Jul 2014

9.30am to 9pm

This workshop is by registration only.

Hack the Frack’ is an open space and hack day. We want to bring together a group of top-notch creative thinkers and doers including coders, developers, activists, artists, designers and writers, to imagine and create a new set of online tools, mobile apps, games, and resources that will help to stop fracking in the UK, once and for all.

"According to their note, campaigners are recruiting new generations. They do indeed see room for stronger protests through tech activism, which they consider to have the power to connect new people with the cause. 
In this context, activists could easily capitalise on the mistakes authorities and governments continue to make. First of all, the lack of transparency."  
Sergio Matalucci Natural Gas Europe June 27th 2014 (Full article http://www.naturalgaseurope.com/cold-war-rhetoric-shale-debate-uk-governments)
We have a modest travel pool to pay for unwaged participants. Just write us a few sentences explaining your circumstances and what you want to bring to the event and what your travel costs will be and we will get back to you. Email hackfrack@talkfracking.org

Agenda for the day

9.30 Registration

10.00 - 11.30 Get smart quick about fracking
Participants hear from:
•            The Scientist
•            The Frontliner
•            The Campaigner
•            The Newcomer
11.30 – 12.00 Open Space
Participants stand up and make proposals – either ‘one we prepared earlier’ or ‘off the cuff’.
Workgroups form around proposers and break out into workspaces.
19.30 – 21.00 Stand and Deliver
Workgroups present their proposals and peers discuss how we can support them further.


1. What is fracking? The process explained in 15 seconds (BBC News, 13th December 2012) and  2 minutes (The Telegraph, 27th June 2013).

2. Half of Britain to be offered for shale gas drilling as fracking areas face 50 trucks passing each day. (The Telegraph, 17th December 2013).

3. The Sky Is Pink. Josh Fox and the GASLAND Team's short on US fracking.

4. Fracking Hell: The Untold Story. 18-minute video of an original investigative report by Earth Focus and UK's Ecologist Film Unit.

5. Fracking: The Gathering Storm. Overall comprehensive guide with global context (New Internationalist, December 2013).

6. Mobb's Environmental Investigations. Paul Mobbs - key researcher with cutting edge reports.

7. Frack Off - Extreme Energy Action Network. Most dedicated UK-based group, constantly updated.

8. Work by Greenpeace on fracking.